Beginner's Guide to Using a Dermaroller

Congratulations on choosing the Dermaroller! If you've been exploring different methods to enhance hair growth and rejuvenate your skin without finding the right solution, the Dermaroller stands as a proven technique to stimulate regeneration effectively.

For those unfamiliar with this tool, a Dermaroller is equipped with tiny needles that create micro-punctures in the skin. This process initiates a natural healing response, promoting the growth of new hair and healthier skin. Here’s a detailed guide on how to use a Dermaroller, particularly for enhancing hair growth.

Step 1: Sanitize Your Dermaroller

Before starting your treatment, it is crucial to sterilize your Dermaroller. Sanitize it by soaking in an isopropyl alcohol solution, ensuring the needles are submerged facing downward for at least two minutes. It is imperative to repeat this sanitization process after every use to eliminate any risk of infection.

Step 2: Prepare the Treatment Area

Cleanse the area you wish to treat thoroughly, removing any dirt or oil. This preparation is crucial as a clean area allows for optimal penetration of the needles and minimizes the risk of irritation.

Step 3: Application Technique

Hold the Dermaroller as you would hold a pen, which allows for controlled and precise application. Roll the Dermaroller over your skin, either vertically or in a crisscross pattern, pressing gently. Perform this action up to ten times on each treatment area, ensuring even coverage without overstimulation in any single spot.

Step 4: Wash Your Face with Water

After you're done microneedling, gently rinse your face with lukewarm water only. This helps to remove any residual serum or blood without causing irritation.

Step 5: Clean Your Dermaroller

Immediately clean your Dermaroller by creating a soapy water mix with unscented detergent in a plastic container. Swish the roller around vigorously, making sure it doesn't hit the sides. Detergents are recommended directly after rolling because, unlike alcohol, they contain enzymes like protease that can break down proteins found in skin and blood.

Step 6: Disinfect Your Roller

Disinfect your Dermaroller by soaking it in 70% isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes. After disinfecting, return it to its case and store it in a safe place.

Step 7: Continue Your Basic Skin Care Routine with Optional Sotrue Products

Once microneedling is complete, it’s important to follow up with a gentle skincare routine that supports healing and enhances results. Choose from Sotrue's range of serums based on your particular needs:

  1. Sotrue’s Niacinamide Serum: Ideal for reducing inflammation and strengthening the skin's barrier, especially if you experience redness or sensitivity post-treatment.

  1. Sotrue’s 12% Hair Growth Actives (for scalp treatment): If you've treated your scalp, this serum can boost hair growth by enhancing the absorption of active ingredients.

  1. Sotrue’s 2% Alpha Arbutin Serum: Use this to target post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone, particularly if you have concerns about dark spots.

  1. Sotrue’s Vitamin C Serum: A great choice for aiding in collagen synthesis and providing antioxidant protection, which is beneficial for healing and protecting the skin post-treatment.

Important Reminder: Do Not Share Your Dermaroller

It is essential to keep your Dermaroller for personal use only. Sharing the device can lead to bacterial transfer and increase the risk of infection, undermining your treatment goals.


Embarking on your journey with a Dermaroller might seem intimidating at first, but with correct application and strict sanitation, it is a safe and efficient method to promote hair growth and improve scalp health. With regular use, you will grow more adept at the process and start to observe significant improvements in both the health and thickness of your hair. Remember, consistent use is crucial to achieve and maintain optimal results.

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